The Incredible Two Man Band

I.T.M.B. was, as the name implies, a two-man band that played rock music in New England from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

I.T.M.B. was founded by Mickey Spiros, who was the keyboardist/lead singer. Mick also played trumpet, bass pedals, acoustic guitar, and drums.

At Mic’s side was a drummer. Some of the percussionists that made up the other half of I.T.M.B. were Bob Liktenfeld, Ron Stewart, Joe Pafumi, Joe Petruzzeli, Jonathan Mover, and Norman Bloom.

The band toured New England as well as parts of upstate New York, California, Florida, and up and down the East Coast. They released 2 albums, titled "On My Way", and "ITMB 2", as well as releasing an 8-track tape and a 45-rpm single of "On My Way".

If you remember the band, you’ll probably agree that it was one of the largest unsigned acts of all-time in New England and probably the most amazing show of music and showmanship in its time. We would love to hear from you.

The response to this website and people looking for information on ITMB has been overwhelming! Everyone has shared their stories and memories of seeing the band back "in the day" and all remember having one or both of the albums, the 8-track tape, or the 45 record. People are offering pictures as well as some rare live tapes of ITMB shows. If you were ever a fan, former roadie, club owner, associate, or even a former ITMB drummer, please contact us if you’re interested in sharing pictures, anecdotes, live recordings, or just about anything else.

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